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KSG Renovation Brings Applause from St. James Parish - Duluth Acoustical Treatment And Sound System Upgrades at St. James Parish Sermons at St. James Catholic Church in Duluth were difficult to hear and understand.  Although local parishioners could partially understand the words being spoken, visitors routinely reported having trouble hearing the spoken word.  The previously purchased sound system, an expensive state-of-the-art line-array system, was simply not providing the needed speech intelligibility.  KSG Sound & Video was called in to assess the situation.  They conducted on-site acoustical testing, which confirmed the cause of the problem.  The critical acoustical engineering necessary to match the sound system to the acoustics of the Nave was not performed by the installer of the previous sound system.  This, coupled with the poor physical acoustics of the Nave, resulted in inadequate speech intelligibility. Years before, alterations to the ceiling structure of the Nave had changed the acoustics of the space.  The alterations caused the acoustics to become off- balance, with excessive mid-tone reverberation.  This lowered speech intelligibility in the Nave. KSG offered a low-cost solution that included a series of low-visibility acoustical treatments intended to re-balance the Nave acoustics, with little or no change to the appearance of the space.  The acoustical treatments were matched to the faces of the arched supports and custom cut to fit.  The acoustical treatments for this project were accomplished in three phases, with testing and adjustments performed between each phase.  The treatments provided improved acoustical control and gave the finished room a better balance of reverberation, improved tonal response, and improved speech intelligibility. KSG also provided a new low-cost engineered sound system, designed to further enhance speech intelligibility in the Nave.  The loudspeakers of the new sound system were mathematically engineered, positioned, and aimed, to match the room geometry and acoustics.  The sound system was professionally equalized and tuned for the Nave,  A digital feedback suppressor eliminates feedback from microphones while push-button presets allow for intuitive, user-friendly operation. Father Richard Kunst worked closely with KSG during the fine- tuning stage of the project.  He said, “What you did in this last phase made all the difference in the world.”  KSG’s success was “literally applauded by the congregation!” according to Father Kunst.   “I’m very happy with what KSG was able to do with the sound in our church, a night and day difference.”      
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“It was literally applauded by the congregation! . . .   . . . a night and day difference.”                    Father Richard Kunst
Acoustical treatment design and installation, as well as sound system engineering and installation, are some of the specialty services provided by KSG Sound & Video.  Design and installation is provided for all types of facilities. 
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